Introducing Master Yogi:

A Grandmother, Chef, Educator, and Writer


I am Nana, and I am proud to be a mother of two grown children and a grandmother to three wonderful grandchildren.

From Health Struggles to Culinary Success: The Journey of Master Yogi's Founder

After years of struggling with my health, I turned to prayer for guidance and discovered the healing power of yogurt. However, making it appealing for my picky grandchildren proved challenging. Thus, I created Master Yogi and developed my first product, Ninja Sauce, a premium flavored syrup that quickly became their favorite topping not just for yogurt, but also for ice cream and other foods.

As I continued to experiment with unique flavors, my love for cooking, educating, and writing flourished. That's why I'm thrilled to announce my upcoming book, "Fat.Sick.Broken." and my podcast, "Empressions." These resources are aimed to help mothers and offer a glimpse of my health struggles and my journey.

Master Yogi believes in educating children about healthy eating in a fun and engaging way. That's why dancing and singing are integral to my teachings.
In addition, the Grandz, the characters from my children's book series, Master Yogi & the Ferminators, provide their own special touch.

Don't forget the Master Yogi way: Sneaking goodness in every bite.